Idea #3: Free Community Advertising on Public Transportation

2 Feb

When I used to live in NYC and ride the subway everyday, the ads in the cars generally drove me crazy. Like this ad for low calorie beer, they were trying to sell things that people don’t need. Riding the subway for over an hour a day getting to and from our home in Bushwick and my job in Manhattan, I often thought how misused this public space is. What if one car in every subway train, or one bus on each route was designated as a Commons? The ads in that space would be for nonprofit and community groups who would get the space for free via a lottery.

This idea could be taken much further of course! Why not a bookshelf where people can take or leave a book, or a clothing bin? Perhaps commuters with similar schedules will meet on the community car and form discussion groups or teach free classes or…


Idea #2: Ithaca Free Store

31 Dec

Like most good ideas, this one is not original. From the Native American tradition of the Potlatch to the Diggers Free Store in NYC in the late ’60s to recent initiatives like the Baltimore Free Store and the Brooklyn Free Store, the idea is simple: A space where people can give what they can and take what they need in Ithaca, NY.

Organizers at Share Tompkins and Ithaca Freeskool have been discussing this idea for a while, but it would take a few things to make it happen: 1. A free space, 2. Volunteers to manage the space.

Please use this idea! And if you do, please get in touch so we can help out!

This idea is in the Public Domain.

Idea #1: Trampoline-Generated Power

12 Dec

If we can generate power by pedaling and walking, why not by jumping? We want to power our computer and other appliances while getting exercise and having fun on a giant trampoline. We have no mechanical knowledge, but I bet someone out there does. Please use this idea! And if you do, please tell us how it goes!

This idea is being shared with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Photo by lintmachine